Project Experience

Overview over the Development Process

When starting this Project I had no prior experience neither with working with NextJS nor with the CSS Framework BulmaCSS. During this Module I learned, how to set up a new Project with NextJS, Implement a Site Theming and working with cookies. I also got to know NextJS better, added Style Components and CSS Animations. Comparing the different File formats helped me getting a better understanding of what to use and what to not use for a website.



16. May 2022

Started Project


17. May 2022

Implemented BulmaCSS & hosting on Vercel

Start of Development

23. May 2022

Added FolderStructure, Navbar & Theme

24. May 2022

Developed Branding and implemented Style Guide


28. May 2022

Added Footer and overhauled Style Guide

29. May 2022

Implemented Helper Files and started implementation of Copyright Page

3. June 2022

Finished Copyright Page & Started with Cookies

Copuright Page

5. June 2022

Started with Licence page and added Navbar Bugfixes

12. - 19. June 2022

Worked on cookie message and expiration date and finished it

Cookie Banner

20. June 2022

Implemented and Styled Disclosure page

24. June 2022

Implemented Animation Site & added CSS Animations

27. June 2022

Added more Animation & started Image Card


28. June 2022

Implemented Image Page

3. July 2022

Added Video comparison page

4. July 2022

Fixed Bugs, added more Utils, implemented SVG Animation

7. July

Implemented audio comparison page

Comparison Pages

10. July 2022

Added reusable Timeline & added Timeline Events